Algorithms of aided
INS-GNSS systems
An educational track of the Summer school in mathematics and mechanics for pre-masters 2022
The track is aimed to acquaint attendees with basics of inertial and GNSS navigation, form primary knowledge in the domain of inertial, GNSS and aided INS-GNSS systems.
Head of track
Andrew A. Golovan
Head of the Laboratory of Control and Navigation, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Doctor of science in mathematics and physics.

Fields of research:
— inertial navigation systems (INS),
— global navigation satellite systems (GNSS),
— integrated INS-GNSS systems,
— calibration problem in inertial navigation,
— INS alignment problem,
— airborne gravimetry.
  • 1

    Basic principles of inertial navigation. INS mechanization equations. Aided systems.

  • 2

    INS initial alignment.

  • 3

    Pedestrian inertial navigation: with foot mounted IMU and smartphone.

  • 4

    Inertial measurement unit calibration.

  • 5

    Basis of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Code positioning & velocity determination, GNSS autonomous & differential modes.

  • 6
    Alternative methods for estimating parameters and their applications.
  • 7
    Methods of GNSS data processing for applications in geodetic surveying.
  • 8
    Special tasks of calculus.
  • 9
    Special tasks of linear algebra.
  • 10
    Special tasks of ODE.
  • 11
    Additional tasks of theoretical mechanics.
Required skills
We expect listeners to have the listed skills
  • Basics of calculus
    Integral and differential calculus.
  • Basics of theoretrical mechanics
    Coordinate systems and transforms, differential equations of motion, solid body mechanics.
  • Ability to solve linear ODE
    Algorithms of solution and fundamentals of linear ODE theory.
  • Basics of linear algebra
    Coordinate transforms, linear equations systems.
  • Basics of probability theory
    The notions of random value, random process, covariation and correlation.
  • English
    We expect the listeners to understand lections in English.