Universiade "Lomonosov" in mathematics and mechanics
The Universiade comes for 3rd-4th year students and graduates of educational programs in maths, mechanics and technology
During the registration, a Participant may choose one of the thematic sections, listed below
2 stages
Universiade includes two stages:
  • qualifying stage: February 21−26,
  • final stage: April 3−18.
The Universiade awardees will obtain privileges in Master's programs admission
4 sections
How can I take part in the Universiade?
  • To enroll and to choose the section
    It is necessary to enroll and choose the most appropriate section to take part in the Universiade
  • Qualifying stage
    The qualifying stage will be held by correspondence, using remote learning technologies. The participants will have some days to complete the task, which includes detailed written solution of a set of problems, and send the solutions to the Organizing Commitee.

    The qualifying stage awardees will receive invitations to participate in the final stage. The Universiade-2022's final stage awardees are welcome to participate in the Universiade-2023's final stage without this year's qualifying stage.
  • Final stage
    The final stage will be held in the oral presentation form.

    The participants of the final stage must give a talk on a single scientific topic, chosen from the Organizing Commitee's list. Remote participation is allowed.
  • Universiade awardees
    The jury will award the winners and awardees of the Universiade. The winners will receive a privilege "100 points for the master’s entry exam", the awardees - "75 points for the master’s entry exam" during the admission to the master’s programs of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the LMSU.
Thematics of the Universiade
Basic disciplines of the Universiade include calculus, analytical geometry,
linear algebra, differential equations,
probability theory and mathematical statistics.

Sections of the Universiade:
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
    Special disciplines —
    • theory of complex variable functions,
    • mathematical logic and theory of algorithms.
    This section comes in Russian.
  • Geometry and Quantum Fields
    Special discipline — mathematical physics.
    This section comes in English.
  • Mechanics and Mathematical modelling
    Special disciplines —
    • theoretical mechanics,
    • theory of optimization and control.
    This section comes in Russian.
  • Mathematical fundamentals of the navigational systems
    Special disciplines —
    • theoretical mechanics,
    • optimal estimation theory,
    • theory of optimization and control.
    This section comes in English.
16.01 - 20.02.2023
21.02 - 26.02.2023
Qualifying stage
The Organizing Commitee will announce possible topics for the final stage presentations
Final stage presentation abstract submission deadline
Final stage timetablee announcement
Final stage
The registration is available using the Universiade website.
Do you have any questions?
We are happy to answer any further questions via Telegram.